Women & Four Wheel Driving: Passengers Bounced Around Forever?

Women and four wheels go together like flat beer on a hot day. Of course, for some hardy couples this is mere grist for the mill and leftovers for the pot. Women and four wheel driving: Passengers bounced around forever? Or is this another sexist plot positioned by my chauvinistic and misogynistic editor? Readers will fall into whichever camp they feel most at home in, I am sure. The crux of his argument is that wives are forced into following their retired husbands out onto the grey nomad byways, as the itch to escape the routine banality of their working lives consumes them.

4x4 Tagalong Ride Australia

Post-Menopausal Off-Road Journeys

Is the post-menopausal period a time for journeying and adventure, enjoyed by both partners, or, is She a victim of a form of vehicular domestic abuse? Is the being bounced around on pot-holed Australian outback roads an unnecessary burden or a part of a sacred pilgrimage? Will there be rumpy pump on the spacious backseat of the 4 wheel drive to rouse the dormant passions once more or a surfeit of bad coffee and fast food in restrooms across the nation. The solution may lie in a four wheel drive tag-along guided tour company’s warm embrace and understanding equilibrium.

4x4 Tagalong Experience Australia

Outback Touring & Pagan Passion

Could it be a time to express a love of nature via Instagram selfies to extended family left behind in coastal city suburbia? Could grandma and grandpa resurrect their mojos on the road and off-road? Bouncing around may not be great for haemorrhoids but may just shake a few mental cobwebs loose. Will outback touring herald the demise of their marriage or the rebirth of passion? Can the 4-wheel drive be a symbolic Hade’s chariot taking Persephone down into the steamy underworld? I can just see those Toyota Prado ads dripping with pagan overtones now.

4x4 Tagalong Experience Australia

So, what about women and four wheel driving: Passengers bounced around forever? Or, perhaps, powerful women taking the wheel and directing their lives toward where they want to be in the post-menopausal period. Life, in general, may be about popping out babies, but life for the individual is not forever about such things. No, life in this personal space, at this time, is about the getting of wisdom in hagdom. Of course, 21C hags can be quite dishy in a vegan kind of way – no fat and no animals hurt in the process, if you know what I mean.