New Books


Andrea Goldsmith $34.95
Five friends who met at Melbourne University twenty years ago gather for a reunion. Relationships, careers, and other countries have come between them, and they are all curious as they share their present lives, and memories of each other. A beautifully written book about love, friendship, and betrayal.

The Little Stranger

Sarah Waters $34.95
A young doctor is called to a Georgian country home, once grand and now decaying. As he gets to know the family he realises they are also in decay, struggling to keep pace with a changing way of life. They may also be haunted by something more sinister. A fabulous ghost story from a writer who has created a chilling atmosphere, and is always meticulous in her research.

The Winter Vault

Anne Michaels $32.95
An exceptional new novel from the author of the acclaimed Fugitive Pieces. Her new fiction is set in Egypt and then in Canada, and weaves moments of history with the quiet intimacy of human lives. A husband and wife trying to find their ways back to each other, and of people and nations displaced. This is a powerful and breathtaking novel about memories, loss, and the restorative power of love.

The Children’s Book

AS Byatt $34.95
A vivid rich and moving family saga beginning at the end of the Victorian era. Olive Wellwood is a famous writer who writes a special private book for each of her children. These children and their cousins live in a storybook world and in families full of secrets. At the end of the Victorian era, and living in idyllic countryside, a whole generation was un aware of the darkness and horrors of the war to come. A fabulous book from an always great writer.
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The Slap

Christos Tsiolkas $32.95
An award winning writer turns his attention to the modern family and life in the 21st century. He uses the voices of eight people present at a barbecue. One of them slaps a child, not their own, and this incident has far reaching consequences for all their relationships. A powerful, haunting novel about love, family, parenting, passion, and loyalty.