Female Electricians Often Still “Grounded”

Female Electricians in Sydney: a Feminist Perspective: Women & Girls in the Trades

More women are becoming tradies – how can we grow these numbers?

For patriarchy’s seeming eternity, women have been pursuing occupations like home management, nursing, teaching, and administration. However, the ceiling has broken over the years, with more women crossing over to considered masculine professions. This article aims at expressing the need to choose careers outside the gender-based career affiliation.

How can Girls become Electricians?

First, you need to be of age. Also, like any other occupation, there is always a starting point. You must undergo relevant training.   The good news is that you can take classes on online platforms like social media training workshops.

The next stage after training is finding an apprenticeship. Like every other job, you will sit in an interview room to show your potential employers what you are made of. If they buy your ideas, it only means one thing; you are an apprentice.

When people are do a search such as local electrician near me in Sydney of course they mainly expect to find a man. So women should use imagery on social media to boost their profiles in Google search and beyond.

What are the most questions women ask before joining the electrician’s profession?

How will I be treated?

With a good employer, you will most definitely be treated like anyone else. Meaning, as long as you deliver, you are good to go. However, as a woman shun the thinking most women have. Because of their gender, they should receive special treatment. To get satisfaction with being an electrician, you must learn to find joy in being treated equally as your male counterparts.

Also, avoid sexual relations of any kind with colleagues and, most importantly, employers because it might create a loophole for exploitation.

Am I fit for the job?

The question you must ask instead is, “if not me, who else?”  Every job comes with its share of hardships, but nothing is impossible with passion and determination.  There are women in the Sydney industry with remarkable expertise. They are highly skilled at ceiling fan installation, reading blueprints, replacing wiring equipment, and many other skills.

Should I gain a little weight in my Muscle Areas?

The truth is, while within the career, you will identify a role that suits you; all you have to do is perfecting it one job day at a time. You get stronger as you gain experience.

What can I do to handle difficult people in the profession?

Trust me, in every profession you decide to be serious about, there is always one person who will go to any extent to give you a hard time. However, there is a limitation to the things you can tolerate.  If the hard time involves sexual harassment, discrimination based on colour, religion, sex, tribe, you ought to inform your apprenticeship leader. Also, you can contact all relevant authorities in the case of mistreatment.

To wrap it up

You become what you confess on daily basis. Make sure to be positive and everything else will be easy to go about. Being a female electrician is not a limitation. You can achieve the career of your dreams. As long as you are not below 18 years and you have the relevant training, you are good to go.