Offbeat Careers and Jobs for Feminists

Forbes reported that women are starting to narrow the gender wage gap. As per the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) report, women are taking home 81 cents for every dollar men are paid. In addition, reports show that young urban women are making 8 percent more compared with their male colleagues. Despite these trends, there are still some feminists who prefer exploiting male sexual desires to make money from jobs that service those proclivities. Some even choose to be web cam girls for porn sites.

Offbeat Career Paths

It is fairly common for people to chase their dream jobs. More often than not, these jobs are your conventional professions wherein the hiring process is strict and cut throat. By pursuing offbeat career paths, women get the opportunity to enjoy the “road less travelled” especially that men still get paid more in certain jobs in the United States. Here are some offbeat jobs that feminists may want to consider:

1. Construction or Mechanical Jobs

Women who are engaged in this male-dominated industry actually earn more than men. This is in contrast with the stereotype to women who also happened to be associated with low-paying professions. Feminists can work as labourers or supervisors in construction firms, or as maintenance painters and mechanics.

2. Body Collector

As crazy as it may sound, there are people who work as body collectors. There is a company that manages dead bodies resulting from accidents, murders or old age. The company will call its “collectors” who will then pick up the cold, sometimes bloody, bodies of strangers and bring them to the morgue or funeral parlours.

3. Surfer

In India, a woman is making rounds as the first expert female surfer in the country. Currently, she manages a surf club and a camp. Moreover, she works as the brand ambassador of a prominent surf wear.

4. Calligrapher

Feminists with a steady hand, imaginative character and a knack for words must work as a calligrapher. They can do this part-time and still earn at least $20,000 a year. Most of the time spent as a calligrapher is on client retention and making contacts.

5. Psychic

Since there is a profitable market here, women can work as a psychic. The job entails making astrology charts, playing Tarot cards, foreseeing the future and sometimes, speaking with dead loved ones. On average, a skilful psychic can earn at least $45 per session.