Activities For Kids Which Highlight Empowerment For Girls


You go girl! This is a phrase we hear over and over again. For a long time the girls have been relegated to the backseat being told to be quiet, be prim and proper. But slowly things are getting better for our girls. More activities for kids which highlight empowerment for girls are being encouraged and implemented. This is not just a win for the girls but for the entire humanity. 

Empowerment is encouraging a person to think for themselves. It makes them take action and responsibility for those actions. To decide independently on small and big matters directly affecting them. Empowering people makes them confident. It shows you believe in them. It tells them you have confidence in their abilities. This belief is what empowers them to make sound decisions and go through life with conviction.

Empowerment for girls is not just a great goal but it is their right. Inherent and inalienable. Their importance in the society can no longer be denied. So why deny this very basic right to be equal and be like everybody else? To empower a girl does not mean to take that power from anybody else. It means giving them choices and options and opportunities. To show them that they can make their own decisions. 


When girls are educated, their countries become stronger and more prosperous. – Michelle Obama

This is a powerful reminder of what girls can do. Promoting activities that highlight empowerment for both girls and boys are needed to reinforce the message that they can be anything and do anything. 

Activities that promote empowerment

  1. Affirmation journal writing provides positivity and affirmations of a person, a group or an experience. 
  2. Vacation care kids activities that encourages dancing and dressing up. This is a chance for children to ham it up with costumes and accessories. This activity also encourages children to explore movement and release creativity and energy.
  3. History week is an opportunity for kids to know more about the brave men and women who made history and how once upon a time they were their age and did not have the resources now freely available to them.
  4. Leadership programs is an avenue to explore the capabilities of each child. Teaching them not only about leadership but teamwork and responsibilities. 

There are many other activities that could empower girls. But the most important is inclusion for the children to feel a sense of belonging and to open up a host of opportunities. That is a good start.